Thoondu, Maldives by Shifaaz shamoon Thoondu, Maldives by Shifaaz shamoon

My site for functional programming stuff. Ima gonna say lotta awesome stuff here.

Well, at least I'm going to say lots of things that I find interesting. If you do too then we can be friends! This is a comment-free blog only because most commenting systems are annoying and comment spam is through the roof and somewhere close to the upper atmosphere, but not because I don't want to hear from you. Feel free to email me: I've had this email address for over twenty years, so I'm not worried about getting more junk mail than I already do. I don't think there is a single spammer or scammer who doesn't already have my email address on all of their lists at this point.

I love programming and have been falling in love with functional programming for quite a few years now. When you combine that with my love of writing and having strong opinions, a blog about functional programming seemed obvious.

To quote myself from my the first post on this site:

Am I brave enough to address the question of which languages are functional? Yes and at the risk of all the Haskell boys and girls hating me, I'm going to say that I personally accept any language in which it is possible to code within the functional paradigm. Some languages make that easier or more challenging, but if you can code functionally in it, then I'll call it functional and will likely talk about it here at some point.

This is about as good an explanation as I can give you for the name of this blog. If it's vaguely functional then there's a good chance I like it. Should the URL match the blog name? Yeah, maybe. I'm a geek not a marketing specialist, so please forgive the discrepancy.

I also enjoy landscape photography, so don't be shocked if you see some scenic pictures now and then. I plan on mostly getting the images from, but I might just slip in one or two of my own to see if you're awake.

At this time any book links to Amazon on this site are not referrer links. This means that I make no money on any purchases made through these links. I do eventually want to monetize this and a few other sites that I maintain, but I haven't decided how to do it in the least annoying way possible for everyone.

I do use Google Analytics for some gentle traffic analysis, but please don't feel that you need to turn off your ad-blocker while you're here.


And I should probably have some kind of disclaimer here. These are my opinions. They are awesome and you are welcome to read them and even tell people about them, but they're mine and mine alone. These opinions, sadly, are not shared by most any employer that I have ever worked for, so please do not blame them for anything that I say here.