Books! Programmers love books! I'm a programmer and I really, really love books. I especially love reviewing them as well. Back in the day I had quite a few book reviews accepted by the folks at Slashdot, but writing a book review that makes everyone at Slashdot happy is close to impossible, so I stopped trying after a couple of dozen. I'll post any of my opinions about books here instead.

I hope no one is surprised that I would gather together links for all of the wordy goodness available to us via the Internet. These links will be (generally) organized by language (or language family) and will be to the website for the book where it has one and the Amazon link where available. Finally, when I eventually write about the book, I'll include a link to the appropriate post.

At this time any book links to Amazon on this site are not referrer links. This means that I make no money on any purchases made through these links. I do eventually want to monetize this and a few other sites that I maintain, but I haven't decided how to do it in the least annoying way possible for everyone.


Programming Elixir >= 1.6 by Dave Thomas (Not yet available on Amazon.)

Dave Thomas's online Elixir for Programmers course (Not available on Amazon.) My review of this course.


Haskell Programming From First Principles by Christopher Allen and Julie Moronuki (Not available on Amazon.)

The Joy of Haskell by Julie Moronuki and Christopher Allen (Not available on Amazon.)


ReasonML Hub is a resource for the ReasonML language and home for the book Exploring ReasonML and functional programming by Dr. Axel Rauschmayer (Not available on Amazon.)

General Publishing

LorePub - Currently they have two Haskell books, but say that they will expand to other topics.